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MONTAÑA Washed - Panama Esmeralda Special Geisha Washed 100g

巴拿馬 翡翠莊園 紅標藝妓水洗"山峰"批次 100g

Country: Panama

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Washed

Flavours: Jasmine • Stonefruit • Bergamot


On its proximity to the volcano Volcán Barú, Cañas Verdes's fertile soil plus its microclimate have provided the best conditions for growing geisha coffee, which is notorious for being a delicate, low yield coffee variety that requires meticulous care.

Montaña, 'mountain' in Spanish, is the smallest production lot among 9 lots. Only 0.5 hectares in production, Montaña is packed with floral and stonefruit notes - jasmine, hibiscus, bergamot, peach and apricot, the cup is beautifully balanced, bright, sweet and citrusy.