from the very first day, our aim was to bring high-quality coffee to a neighbourhood that has hardly seen any.

the name “coffee 101” is of course in line with this, meaning “introduction to coffee”.


we strive to incorporate the three things we love at coffee 101. we keep things sharp, focused and ready to be looked into. keep your eyes open.


having solid relationships with our green bean importing partner in taiwan, we are able to source the best crops from around the world, including the most prestigious coffee farms.


1ºc can be a big difference.
that’s why we try to learn everything about our coffee in order to create the best roasting profile.

to keep a close track on the conditions of our green beans, our specialists only roast small batches with a between batch protocol (bbp) so that each batch is roasted to perfection.


every batch of beans is under strict quality control, and one of the key techniques we use is cupping.

cupping reveals any defects or roasting errors, where we can ensure every batch of coffee has the optimal flavours, mouthfeel and aroma we desire, and most importantly, telling us where we can work on for the next batch.


our roasted coffee beans are all stored in a climate-controlled environment and packed in airtight bags.

our beans come in different grind settings and size. for more details, see our shop.


sourcing from the best local vendors, we make our dishes with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.


with a great variety of ingredients available, we take pride in our brit + aussie-inspired menu offering vegetarian/ vegan options.

we always try our best to cater for your dietary preferences. talk to our staff

freshly made.

it’s pretty obvious there. yes, we cook all our food fresh to order.

i mean, who doesn’t like a hot, creamy pasta for lunch?

Our location.

locate in Braemar Hill, our shop serves coffee and food with spacious indoor and outdoor seating.

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