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IRONMAN Washed - Panama Finca Auromar Geisha Washed 100g

巴拿馬 極光莊園 藝妓水洗"鐵人"批次 100g

Country: Panama

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Washed

Flavours: Floral • Tangerine • Lemongrass


Robert Brenes' Finca Auromar, with only 14.5 hectares farmed area, is known for its limited supply, due to its mode of manually harvesting coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness. A drop in humidity during January-February has benefitted the coffee cherries in having round and silky sweetness.

Ironman is named after Brenes' favourite sport, the Ironman triathlon. Being the farm's flagship coffee, Ironman has absorbed the best the terroir has to offer and puts great floral, tangerine, lemongrass flavours to the table.