OMA #14

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OMA #14 Natural - Ethiopia Gesha Village Rarities Gold Label Lot GVA.14 Gesha 1931 100g

埃塞俄比亞 藝妓村 金標日曬 OMA#14 100g

Country: Ethiopia

Varietal: Gesha 1931

Process: Natural

Flavours: Blackcurrant • Rose • Brown Sugar


Originally an untouched land, now-owners Samuel and Boot discovered the area's ample rainfall, indigenous shades and proximity to the original geisha birthplace is perfect for building a paradise of geisha coffees.

With 'making the world's best coffee' their motto, Oma is a manifestation of what Gesha Village has to offer. Naturally processed, this lot boasts an extremely complex and multilayered sweetness with notes of blackcurrant, rose and brown sugar.