OMA #A-1

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OMA #A-1 Natural - Ethiopia Gesha Village Rarities Gold Label Lot GVA.A-1 Gesha 1931 100g

埃塞俄比亞 藝妓村 金標日曬 OMA#14 100g

Country: Ethiopia

Varietal: Gesha 1931

Process: Natural

Flavours: Bergamot • Figs • Winey


Compile of only 10% of the farm area at Gesha Village, the gold-labelled 'Rarities' lots are extremely rare and boast unmatched flavours. Their quality is recognised by the greatest baristas around the world and hence they are often used in international competitions.

This OMA #A-1 lot, just like the other Rarities beans, has incredibly complex and rich flavours. Round and sweet, this coffee tastes winey and fruity with a hint of bergamot, leaving drinkers entranced.