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SIDRA Bio-innovation - Colombia Finca La Palma Y El Tucan Heroes Series Sidra Bio-Innovation 100g

哥倫比亞 棕櫚樹與大嘴鳥莊園 英雄系列 希爪 生物創新處理法 100g

Country: Colombia

Varietal: Sidra

Process: Bio-Innovation Processing 

Flavours: Berries • Chocolate • Sangria


Finca La Palma y El Tucan was in the spotlight after the success of this Sidra variety, most famously used by Jooyeon Jeon when winning WBC 2019. The coffee world was at its feet for its innovative processing methods, one of them being bio-innovation processing.

Bio-innovation processing experiments with micro-organisms through optimising the nutrients they need and let them impart unique microbiological structures into coffee fermentation, resulting in the sparkly, extremely fruity and milky body of the coffee, in the most natural, lively, organic way.