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BOSQUE Natural - Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Special Geisha Natural 100g

巴拿馬 翡翠莊園 紅標藝妓日曬"森林"批次 100g

Country: Panama

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Flavours: Red Blossoms • Mango • Red Wine


Jaramillo is one of the two main farms of Hacienda la Esmeralda that are known for producing exquisite geishas. Having the ideal cool, shaded and humid microclimate, a lot of the coffee estate's top-performing lots have come from the blessed land of Jaramillo.

Bosque the 'forest' is like a polished, elegant lady in red -winey with hints of red blossoms like roses, it is smooth and sophisticated, but at the same time brings complex acidity-sweetness to the table. Simply graceful.