HB2 House Blend Beans

250g/ 500g/ 1kg 售價 價格 $198.00 定價 單價  每 


HB2  -  the Coffee 101 Signature House Blend 250g/ 500g/ 1kg

75% Yirgacheffe Worka Coop G1 + 25% Cerrado Supremo

Country: Ethiopia / Brazil

Varietal: Heirloom / Catuai

Process: Natural / Washed

Flavours: Mango • Passionfruit • Berries • Almonds


75-25 instead of a 50-50, we want to emphasise the underrated 'good acidity' among coffee consumers -- and Yirgacheffe coffee is the perfect example - it has bright acidity with a delicate sweetness.

The rest 25%, Brazilian Cerrado Supremo, adds a lot of character into the blend with its strong almonds and cocoa flavours. We believe this is the only blend we need to make great espresso-based drinks, with or without milk. It also perfectly manifests our philosophy in coffee -- BALANCE, OR NOTHING.