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EL BURRO Slow Dry - Panama El Burro Estate 100% African Bed Slow Dry 150g

巴拿馬 驢子莊園 卡杜依 緩慢日曬 150g

Country: Panama

Varietal: Catuai

Process: 100% Slow Dry on African Beds

Flavours: Fermented • Nutmeg • Cocktail


El Burro, meaning the 'donkey', is one of the top-performing estates in Panama owned by the Lamastus family. The unique microclimate with cool fogs and mists during the dry season plus very low temperatures have lengthened the ripening process, hence their coffee possesses flavours that are very distinguishable.

 With young, rich volcanic soil packed with yeast and bacteria, El Burro has a strong, irresistible aroma of fermented, spices and alcohol.