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SAN ADOLFO Washed - Colombia Huila Pink Bourbon Micro-lot 150g

哥倫比亞 薇拉產區 粉紅波本 "聖亞道夫"微批次 水洗 150g

Country: Colombia

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Washed

Flavours: Peach • Pomelo • Floral


San Adolfo is an infamous area for growing great coffee in Huila, Southwestern Colombia. Lighter but consistent rainfall all year round, farmers often farm in micro-lots and are known for cultivating many different varieties of high quality.

A rare variety to be found in Huila, Pink bourbon are known to have lovely coral pink instead of red coffee cherries. More resistant to rust and requires less fertiliser, the variety often offers a delicate yet complex sweet cup. This washed micro-lot is floral, grapefruity and pomelo-like, simply pink out-and-out.