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DOTA Black Honey - Costa Rica Dota Fatima Micro-Mill Santuario Project Hibrido Tico Black Honey 150g

哥斯達黎加 多塔 法提瑪微處理廠 聖圖阿里歐計畫 蒂可 黑蜜處理 150g

Country: Costa Rica 

Varietal: Hibrido Tico

Process: Black Honey

Flavours: Long-an Honey • Dried Fruits • Orange Zest

Dota Fatima Micro-Mill is a part of the Santuario Project, where coffee cherries are collected from neighbouring coffee farmers and thus processed centrally. The Santuario Project excels and continues to experiment on different innovative processing methods, aiming to bring Costa Rican coffee flavours to the next level.

The lot has used Mossto, known as the "coffee juice", in the fermentation process, where beans are submerged in mossto juice for 4-5 hours before being slow-dried with 65% pulp remaining on the bean surface. As a result, this lot is sweet and syrupy while salivating the light, zesty citric aroma.