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BANGI LOT#15 - Ethiopia Gesha Village Red Label Geisha Natural 150g

埃塞俄比亞 藝妓村 紅標日曬 150g


Country: Ethiopia

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Flavours: Peach • Apricot • Bayberry


Gesha Village is located next to Gori Gesha Forest, where the geisha coffee variety was first discovered. Natural shades and sustainable agroforestry approaches have made Gesha Village the pillar of the Ethiopian coffee industry.

The Bangi block only grows Gori Gesha, the hero of the Panamanian geisha discovery. The GV team has put enormous effort into R&D and quality control to bring out the optimal flavours of geisha coffees. This lot has a very expressive and intense aroma from red fruits and stone fruits.


國家: 埃塞俄比亞 

品種: 藝妓

處理法: 日曬

風味: 水蜜桃 • 杏桃 • 楊梅


藝妓村位於最初發現藝妓這個品種的戈里藝妓森林旁邊,有着天然樹蔭加上農林混合耕作系統,藝妓村的可持續發展方針令它成為埃塞俄比亞咖啡行業的指標。村內的 Bangi 地塊只種植戈里藝妓品種,由莊園的專家及研究隊伍專注培育最好、最高品質以提出藝妓的迷人香氣。批次15 擁有濃烈的核果類和紅果類的香氣。