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BANGI LOT#68 Natural - Ethiopia Gesha Village Green Label Geisha Natural 150g

埃塞俄比亞 藝妓村 綠標藝妓日曬 150g


Country: Ethiopia

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Natural

Flavours: Blueberry • Orange Juice • Sugus Sweets


With over 470 hectares of farm area, Gesha Village prides itself in being the most renowned coffee estate in the world. Within the untouched landscapes and indigenous natural habitats, Gesha Village of Bench Maji has become the sacred land of geishas.

Gesha Village divides itself into 8 blocks, where the block Bangi is named after the neighbourhood where most workers of the block come from, 'Bangi Chichuru'. Known as the block with a lot of character, this Bangi lot is bright and fresh - fruity, sweet. Tastes like summer incarnated into a cup.


國家: 埃塞俄比亞 

品種: 藝妓

處理法: 日曬

風味: 藍莓 • 橙汁 • 瑞士糖



 藝妓村分為八個地塊,而Bangi 是取名自工人們出身的鄰近村落。在村裡被稱為其中一個很有特色的地塊,Bangi 出產的咖啡豆明亮、清新並充滿甜甜的果香,嚐起來就像將夏天裝進杯子裡。